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Peeping Groundhog Shoots, Sunday, June 28th, and Saturday, August 15th, 2015

August 15th, 2015 Results

June 28th, 2015 Results

August 24th, 2014 Results

August 24th, 2014 Results

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2013 Results


While on club property for a match, bolt-action firearms must have bolts removed. Slide, lever or hinged action firearms will have their actions open and a piece of cloth inserted into the action so it can be seen and the action cannot be closed. Please keep the action of your firearm open, the magazine or clip (s) empty and carry your firearm with the muzzle pointed skywards until you are on the firing line. Once you are given the command by the “range master” to install bolts you may load your firearm, clips, etc. After you have completed a relay please be sure your firearm, magazine and/or clips are again made safe. You may clean or work on your firearm during a match. These activities shall be done behind the firing line. If during your relay, you have a problem with your firearm or other equipment on the bench, you may request and will receive help from the “range master” or someone he designates to help you. However you must complete your record string for that relay in the allotted time period. After the “cease fire” command for that relay is given the relay is final. In the case of an “emergency cease fire” command, all shooters will immediately make their firearms safe and step behind the orange line which is behind their bench. Once the problem is solved the “range master” will order the relay back to their benches and the remaining time and if necessary additional time may be given to complete the relay. All youth shooters MUST have a parent or legal guardian (18 years of age or older) with them while they are at the shooting bench or handling a firearm on the club’s property. Everyone on the benches must have and utilize eye and ear protection during a “Commence Fire” period. This is each person’s responsibility. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages on club property during the match.



Targets in the shape of a groundhogs or prairie dogs with scoring ring will be shot at distances of 100 yards, 200 yards and 300 yards. There will be 6 minute matches for each distance. There will be two classes of rifles: Factory and Custom.  Factory and Custom rifles will shoot 5 shots for record and unlimited sighters at 100,200 and 300 yards. Spotting Scopes and coaching are allowed.  The order of fire for Factory and Custom rifles will be 300 yards, 200 yards and then 100 yards. Extra front rests and spotting scopes are usually available for shooters use.


    -     Factory original rifle. Must be identifiable as factory original including the receiver and barrel.

  1. Bedding may be changed, trigger adjusted, recoil pad added
  2. Rifles chambered for BR and PPC cartridges are not permitted
  3. Accuracy assets/sleds are not permitted
  4. Any scope is permitted


  1. Any rifle under 20 pounds.
  2. Any cartridge smaller than .40 caliber (must meet both #1 and #2)


Shots shall be fired using a sandbag or sandbags to support the fore end of the firearm. The sandbag or sandbags may be supported on a pedestal. NOTE: The new front rests that have rollers may be used. Bipods may be used. A rear rest, using a sandbag or sandbags to support the butt stock of the rifle between the rear of the pistol grip and the toe of the butt stock is allowed. Neither rest may be attached to the bench. ONE PIECE RESTS ARE NOT PERMITTED!

Registration will be from 7:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Registration ends after everyone has finished the first relay. Benches will be assigned by drawing. The shoot will begin at 9:00 AM.  The cost per rifle will be $12.00 and the pay back to shooters will be 50%.  The amount and number of awards will depend on the number of shooter in the class.  1 to 5 shooters - 1st place, 6 to 10 shooters - 1st and 2nd place and over 10 shooters – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There will be a separate class for youth shooters under the age of 17.  They will have an entry fee of $5.00 and a plaque plus 100% of the entry fee will be awarded as prizes.

The clubs address is Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club.
11617 Hunt Club Rd.
Thurmont Md. 21778

T.C.S.C.  is located South of Thurmont Md. near Woodsboro, go West off Md. 550 on Lucy Road. If you have any questions contact Dick Grosbier at 301-304-5352  , e-mail





Click on Below links for downloadable Sample and Practice targets  

100 yard peeking Groundhog Target

200 yard standing Groundhog

300 yard standing Groundhog

200 yard Groundhog Practice

300 yard Groundhog Practice