On September 6th , 2003 the club was taken on an extended tour of the East Broad top RR by Peter, and Jane Clark members of the FEBT (Friends of the East Broad Top) The FEBT is a preservation group attempting to preserve the Railroad.

Their web page is located at http://www.febt.org/

This is E.B.T. engine #14 early that morning getting ready for the days work.

The complete train that day.

Our group except my friend George who took photo.

On the way to Mt. Union Pete showed us this cement E.B.T. bridge.

This is recently cleared track at mount union, the first time I came here a few years ago this area was completely overgrown. Track on left goes to enginehouse track to right goes to connection to Penna. RR mainline.

Buried in the woods we found the coal washing station.

This is the Saltillo station we visited later that afternoon.

Next we visited one of the two E.B.T. tunnels.

This is all that remains of the engine house in Robertsdale.

One of the entrances to mine #1 in Robertsdale

Remaining tracks in Robertsdale. Robertsdale was the southern end of the E.B.T. and where the coal mines were located. In the last years of the RR coal hauling was their main purpose. Many thanks to The Clarks for all the information they have provided us with. More photos of previous trips to the E.B.T. and other places are found on next page.

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